Helinet Aviation actively participates in the efforts of charitable organizations and events that make a difference in people's lives. We donate helicopter rides to raise money for numerous charitable organizations per year. Among these are:

  • Childrens Hospital Los Angeles
  • Make a Wish Foundation
  • Children's Transplant Fund, which supports medical care for patients in third world countries

Childrens Hospital of Los Angeles is the largest pediatric center in the United States, transporting 3,000 patients a year for special medical care. They had a large need for a reliable helicopter service that could respond rapidly to their time-critical needs. They also had another problem: not all patients had the insurance required to cover the costs, yet still desperately needed the care. Childrens Hospital required the impossible: a helicopter service that would be willing to assume some of the financial burden.

Helinet Aviation rose to the challenge. Not only did Helinet Aviation step in to provide safe, reliable and rapid medical transportation, but they did so indiscriminate of financial coverage. Helinet Aviation purchased a $1.7 million, top-of-the-line helicopter, a Sikorsky 76A, to be used exclusively as an in-air ambulance for Childrens Hospital. The Sikorsky's large cabin space allows the versatility of transporting a second child, additional medical personnel or a parent to ride with the child, all of which President Alan Purwin felt was necessary. Helinet Aviation then outfitted the helicopter for medical transport, following FAA regulations and purchasing all the necessary medical equipment—at their own expense. "It is our way of giving back to the community," Alan Purwin commented.

Judy Sherif, Operations Manager of Emergency Services at Childrens Hospital Los Angeles, said, "On top of being extremely high quality, Helinet Aviation truly cares. Alan Purwin will do anything to play a part in saving the lives of children. Anything."