Alan Purwin co-founded West Coast Helicopters in July, 1987. He then merged it with Helinet Aviation in January, 1998—to expand business and continue his mission of providing better customer service than any other helicopter company.

Before starting West Coast Helicopters, Alan Purwin found that very few aviation services companies had an interest in being a truly professional business with an inherent focus on serving its customers. With West Coast Helicopters, Alan changed that. Based on his known dedication to his customers, Bergen Brunswig Corporation immediately assigned Alan Purwin to the care of their company helicopter in 1987. In the same year, West Coast Helicopters provided flight services to the LA Kings and aerial stunts for a television show called, "The Adventures of Buck James." In 1991, West Coast Helicopters secured their first news contract with KTLA in Los Angeles. In 1992, West Coast Helicopters signed on with Cedars-Sinai to transport medical teams for organ transplants, and in 1993, they also signed with UCLA Medical Center.

Today, Helinet Aviation continues to serve the diverse market that began with West Coast Helicopters. Clients now include Fortune 500 executives, popular celebrities, top news stations throughout the US and hospitals throughout Southern California. Our business continues to expand because we offer what few aviation companies can: a consistent philosophy of exceeding our customers' expectations—safely and reliably.