On Sunday, March 25th 2007, the Discovery HD Channel started to broadcast the extraordinary wildlife series, "Planet Earth," a joint production between BBC, Discovery HD and NHK Japan.

Helinet is proud to be associated with this unprecedented series by supplying the gyro stabilized, high definition camera system to provide all aerial footage in this landmark television program.

"Among the photography systems employed by his vagabonding camera crew, the Cineflex heligimble was by far the most revolutionary. The gyroscopic stabilizing mechanism can support a lens four times more powerful than any previously used in nature photography."

"The technology allowed the team to film, without interruption, wild dogs hunting gazelle in Africa and wolves chasing caribou in northern Canada. We were able to film a complete hunt continuously from the air and get a complete sequence, which in the past would have been impossible."
-- Alastair Fothergill, The New York Times