Complete Secure Solutions

Helinet specializes in a suite of wireless transmission services ranging from individual specialized components to complete and turnkey mission system solutions. Well known for system design, installation and commissioning, Helinet also supplies unequaled support and training through its accomplished field operations capability. Helinet continues to successfully serve and grow its client portfolio in a variety of markets including federal and local law enforcement, public safety and commercial end use.

Safeguarding People and Places Through Customized Surveillance Solutions

Creating successful aerial surveillance solutions involves far more than simply purchasing a list of equipment. Our technology group streamlines and improves how agencies select, operate and maintain their surveillance systems. Backed by decades of real world mission experience, Helinet brings a flexible, client driven approach to each and every mission.

Turnkey Solutions

We bring a 360-degree perspective to each client engagement, with a strong understanding of the varying requirements of reconnaissance, surveillance and enforcement organizations. Broadly based expertise in the operational, technological, maintenance and personnel aspects of aerial surveillance, enables Helinet to develop and implement the most customized, sophisticated and scalable solutions in the market today.

Helinet works with all equipment vendors serving the aerial surveillance market and utilizes hands on mission experience to deploy the most advanced surveillance and data transmission technologies from industry suppliers. Helinet partners with industry leaders to offer solutions that include the broadest range of advanced imaging solutions, wireless transmission capability, and network delivery and distribution technology.

We develop solutions for a full range of operating environments and mission profiles, utilizing commercial-of-the-shelf products to deliver actionable, real-time intelligence to personnel on the ground and around the world. Helinet is recognized for implementing full-featured solutions that offer robust central management tools, seamless installation of cross platform assets, and state-of-the-art security and encryption safeguards.

Service and Support

Helinet is the choice to help organizations maintain operational continuity and minimize downtime with 24/7/365 technical support and recurrent training to hone aircrew mission system skills.

Please call 818.902.0229 for more information regarding our technology services.

Trusted By Many

“Helinet has been a valued partner in supporting our airborne law enforcement operations over the past decade and has an excellent track record in developing multiband downlink systems for other major public safety and government agencies.”
Sergeant Jorge Gonzalez, LAPD, Air Support Division, Support Section Officer-in-Charge
“Helinet’s technical know-how and operational expertise in deploying airborne law enforcement solutions for major agencies are unparalleled in the industry.”
Detective Lieutenant Kenneth J. Strigaro of the Office of Chief of Department, Nassau County Police Department