Helinet Aviation offers helicopter leasing solutions and consulting services on various government contracts and defense contractor projects. With our extensive experience in this field, we can spontaneously deploy helicopters where they are needed and operate anywhere on the planet.

Our full-service helicopter solutions include:

  • High-def, infrared imaging, and multi-sensor capabilities, as needed
  • Highly trained pilots, operational specialists and A&P mechanics
  • Full service maintenance department that can accommodate the fitting of special mounts, cameras and antennas to the helicopter as needed

Helinet Aviation meets stringent inspection standards and can fulfill special contract and insurance requirements. We also hold FAA certifications under 14CFR 135 and 14CFR 133 for external loads.

To arrange services for your specific project, call Helinet Aviation at: +1.818.902.0229.

*To honor privacy and/or protect national security, we are not able to list our clients.