Leadership at Helinet Aviation

Leadership at Helinet Aviation

November 07, 2022

What does it mean to be a leader? According to Merriam-Webster, a leader is “a person who has commanding authority or influence.”

But, for Tom Norton, Helinet President, it’s more than just commanding a group of pilots or his colleagues. It’s about compassion, caring, and willingness to look hard decisions in the eye.

“A good leader must feel confident delegating authority. Most importantly it is having trust in those in your charge. Training, coaching, and mentoring are essential to produce good leaders,” said Norton. “Great leaders create an environment that inspires individuals to give their very best each day.”

Norton started his aviation career in the U.S. Marine Corps as Power Plant Mechanic, Quality Assurance Inspector, and Flight Engineer in 1977. Throughout his career, Norton would be faced with opportunities to grow, learn and see how other leaders operate.

His aviation career is a long list, and if it were up to him, Norton would shrug and say, “it’s nothing big.” Still, for us, it’s a list of achievements and accolades that shaped him to be the president that he is today.

“Leadership is about accepting full responsibility, admitting when you make mistakes, and being decisive. Good leaders embrace recruiting strong leaders and allow them to apply those strong leadership traits throughout the organization,” noted Norton.

But what does leadership look like here, under the hangars of Helinet?

It’s like a runway… open and straightforward, and Norton takes pride in that.

He also takes pride in his opportunity to work with our fellow colleagues at Helinet.

“Helinet is an organization with purposeful missions that require individual sacrifice and a strong willingness to successfully complete the mission. Each day, individuals come to Helinet and put the organization and mission ahead of themselves,” said Norton.