The two parties entering into this agreement are the Client and Helinet. The Client is the individual or entity requesting the charter service. If the Client is a broker acting on behalf of the passengers, the broker is and will be bound to this contract and responsible for all charges incurred by the passenger. If a broker is the Client booking on behalf of the passengers, the broker will be responsible for collecting and remittance of any Federal Excise Taxes. Helinet maintains operational control of all flights flown on company aircraft. Flights operated on aircraft other than Helinet fleet aircraft are under the operational control of the respective air carrier.


This charter quote is aircraft specific and based on aircraft and crew availability and is valid for 10 days after date of quote. Helinet makes no promise nor guarantees that service will be available, and reserves the right to delay or cancel flights in the event of unsuitable weather, mechanical malfunction, or any other unsafe condition as determined by Helinet. Should the need arise to substitute or change aircraft for any reason the client shall be informed of any such change and additional costs prior to the flight. Helinet reserves the right to substitute a comparable model or larger aircraft at no additional cost to the client in the event the aircraft is not available for any reason.



At client’s or passenger’s request, Helinet will arrange additional services, including but not limited to, catering, lodging accommodations, and ground transportation. Any expenses incurred on behalf of client or passenger are subject to a surcharge. Additional charges such as landing fees, stand by and/or flight times that may exceed the estimates quoted will be the responsibility of the client even if the charges are outside the scope of the signed quote. The client will be billed for actual flight time in excess of that quoted. The client agrees to be responsible for any damage to the interior of the aircraft, this may include the costs of cleaning, restoring, repairing, or replacing materials damaged by the client or any passenger on the flight. Smoking is strictly prohibited on all Helinet aircraft and is punishable by law. Certain pets are allowed on Helinet aircraft. Helinet may require a cleaning depositing prior to accepting pets on the flight and should the need arise and cleaning fee may be charged after the flight.



All passengers age 18 or older are required to present a government issued photo ID prior to boarding a Helinet aircraft. All passengers must abide by the Helinet Charter Aircraft Regulations. For further information, please visit Helinet.com/CharterRegulations.

Federal law forbids the carriage of hazardous materials aboard aircraft. Passenger violations may result in civil and/or criminal charges. For further information and a full list of prohibited items, please visit Helinet.com/HAZMATRestrictions.



All flights are subject to the Helinet cancellation policy once a signed contract is received. In addition, client will be responsible for all costs incurred in preparation for the flight. Flights are subject to the following cancellation fees:


Non-Holiday Periods

Less than 24 hours ahead of scheduled departure time will be charged a 2 hour flight charge rate

Holiday/Festival/Event Periods*

Should all or a portion of the transportation occur any time during a Holiday/Festival/Event Period, the charter will be considered Holiday/Festival/Event transportation. Should transportation classified as such be cancelled less than 120 hours before departure, the client shall pay the following amount to Helinet: 2 hour flight charge rate.

The date and time of the intended original flight departure shall be used for calculating how long in advance cancellation has occurred.

*NOTE – Holiday periods are defined as 3 days before through 3 days after Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s Day, President’s Day and Columbus Day. Holiday Periods also include Memorial Day weekend, Independence Day weekend and Labor Day weekend. At the sole discretion of Helinet, Holiday/Festival/Event Period pricing may also apply to other extraordinary events (races, concerts, parades, fairs, local emergencies, regional contingencies, etc.) whereby Helinet will notify the client of said applicability.

Additional Services – Flights are also subject to the following Additional Services fees:

Standby charges: $200.00 per hour

Second pilot charge: $750.00 per aircraft, per day, if required


Quotes are for occupied legs only as listed on the quote. No guarantee is made that an aircraft will position from a specific airport or home base. Any positioning legs or empty legs are the property of Helinet and cannot be sold, occupied, or otherwise utilized by the Client unless specified by Helinet.



Pre-Payment of quoted price is required to book aircraft for all flights. All prices quoted herein are accurate on the date quoted, and are subject to change without notice. Quotes are valid for 10 days after initial quote date. Acceptable forms of payment are: wire transfer, ACH, company/personal check, or credit card (American Express, Visa, or MasterCard). Quoted price reflects a 3% cash discount. If a credit card is used for final/full payment, the cash discount will be forfeited. A Credit card authorization, deposit or a prepayment is required for all flight bookings regardless of final payment method used. Full payment of the quoted amount is due no later than 5 days prior to the departure time of the initial flight segment. If that due date is not a business day (bank holiday, Saturday or Sunday) the due and payable amount shall be received and credited to the Helinet account on the last preceding business day. If the payment has still not been made after issuance of a reminder and the setting of a deadline for payment, Helinet shall be entitled to charge the credit card on file or cancel the booking. If booking is made with less than 5 days remaining before the flight, full payment is due immediately.


Itinerary changes are permitted, but subject to aircraft and crew availability. Any itinerary changes could result in a price adjustment and will be reflected in the final invoice.

Notification of changes must be made directly to the Helinet flight operations department by telephone or email within XX days/hours of the original flight time.



Company shall not be liable for any injury, damage, loss, expense, indirect, special or consequential damages, or other irregularity caused by the defect of any vehicle or conveyance, or the negligence of any company or person engaged in conveying the passenger or carrying out the arrangements for your trip or by accident, delay, flight schedule, change, cancellation, sickness, weather, strikes, war, quarantine, or any similar cause. Company liability shall in any case be limited to the amount paid to Company, and any claim shall be adjudicated in and governed by the laws of the state of California.


Please sign and date indicating your acceptance of this quote.



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