Management and Leasing

If you want to own or lease your own helicopter, you can outsource your flight department to us. That way, you let us schedule regular FAA safety and maintenance checks, find trained pilots, obtain liability insurance, conduct pre- and post-flight checks, store and clean the aircraft and a myriad of other details.

Helinet Aviation would take care of all that for you—and more. By working with us, you profit from our proven experience and unparalleled reputation for quality service. Benefits include:

  • Use of our strong relationships in the services and vast knowledge of the business to assist you in making critical purchasing and leasing decisions
  • Having your aircraft always maintained and ready for flight
  • Having our highly trained pilots at your service
  • Having our staff on hand to meet your every flight requirement, whether it be for ground transportation or to secure landing rights at unique destinations
  • Security in our uncompromising commitment to safety

"Helinet Aviation is indispensable. They're quick, responsive and there when I need them. They've never let me down."
-- Ron Burkle, Yucaipa Companies

For more information, please contact Helinet Aviation at +1.818.902.0229.