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Since 1987, Helinet Aviation has proudly served the film production community with unmatched professionalism and service. Our roster of directors—which include Tony Scott, Steven Spielberg, Ron Howard, Michael Bay, Wolfgang Peterson, Ed Zwick, Ivan Reitman and many others—demonstrates the kind of experience we provide.

The Best in the Industry

Helinet Aviation is a one-stop shop for all aerial filming requirements—whether for complex aerial coordination, stunt flying, or scouting services. We work with the best camera operators, aerial coordinators, and pilots, and the latest equipment in the services for both rotor and fixed wing. We work with you and your budget to provide the best solution for the most complicated feature films.

We offer:

  • The largest fleet of aircraft available to the motion picture services
  • Both fixed wing and helicopter ships
  • Continuously upgraded, state-of-the-art aerial camera equipment, including a full line of high-definition (HD) products
  • The services' finest aerial coordinators and cinematographers for HD and film
  • The services' most skilled and experienced roster of pilots for location scouting and aerial coordination (SAG, MPPA Membership, FAA Approved Motion Picture Safety Manual)
  • Preproduction painting and mockup
  • Custom bracketry and mounts to meet your special needs (FAA Certified)
  • Permit acquisitions
  • Production services with extensive insurance coverage

We can also arrange use of any other aircraft, worldwide. With our extensive experience in aerial coordination, we can satisfy the most ambitious aerial productions, as we did for Pearl Harbor.

Whether your production is here or abroad, we can provide the highest level of professionalism and care in the services. For more information, please contact the Production Department at +1.818.902.0229 or