Helinet Debuts SHOTOVER U1 Series II Drone

Helinet Debuts SHOTOVER U1 Series II Drone

June 01, 2023

Helinet Aviation, a full-service provider of aerial production services to the motion picture, television, and adverting industries, announced today the launch of the SHOTOVER U1 Series II (U2) drone. The system will be displayed at the Paramount Studios Cine Gear Expo from June 2-3 at booth 142. Headquartered in Van Nuys, California, Helinet has been serving the global production community for over 35 years, capturing live events, television series, and big-budget Hollywood feature films.

Initially launched in 2016, the SHOTOVER U1 was the first UAV designed explicitly for broadcasters and filmmakers, enabling them to use the same cinema-quality cameras and lenses used for their principal photography. Over the last five years, the U1, managed by Helinet, has been extensively developed and upgraded into the U2, delivering an optimal user experience and increased aircraft performance.

The U2 features upgraded KV120 operating motors for smoother flight, larger propellers with a lower noise footprint, and highly efficient Electronic Speed Controllers (ESC). The system’s four arms have also been modified with custom-machined aircraft-grade aluminum motor mounts to assist with heat dissipation and ESCs.

“After years and hundreds of hours of testing and developmental work, the U2 is finally ready for prime time,” stated Helinet’s Director of Technology Victor Lee. “We’ve worked incredibly hard on this initiative with help from the top industry experts and the manufacturer and are incredibly proud to release the system to the motion picture industry.”

Additional system upgrades include fixed landing gear for greater rigidity and reliability with the capability to support up to 200lbs and a new CUBE ORANGE+ flight controller specifically tailored for the motion picture and television industries. Improved WEBUI has also been implemented to provide a simplified user experience in addition to the integration of long-range radios, providing a single communication link to the U2 flight controller.

To learn more about the system or for rental inquiries, contact Helinet at production@helinet.com or +1 818-902-0229.