Helinet: Flying For Life

Helinet: Flying For Life

Palisades Magazine – Summer 2019 Edition
By Allie Lebos

Though we can be aware of life’s inevitable changes, it is nearly impossible to prepare for what might lie on the other side. For some of us, the notion that the “blink of an eye” is all that it takes for our worlds to flip upside down has proven to be quite true. Kathryn Purwin is a woman who experienced this firsthand. However, following the sudden passing of her husband, Alan Purwin, Kathryn knew how important it was for her to step into the role of CEO in order to carry out the vision and mission her husband started.

“When I started flying, only 5% of pilots were female and this day the number hasn’t increased much.” – Kathryn Purwin, CEO Helinet Aviation

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