Aerial Film Production Services in Los Angeles, CA, and Across the World

CineJet™ Demo Reel


With the largest fleet of single and twin-engine turbine helicopters in the industry, Helinet has been servicing the film production community with unmatched professionalism and service since 1987.

Our roster of directors includes Michael Bay, James Cameron, F. Gary Gray, Steven Spielberg, Ron Howard, Wolfgang Peterson, and many others, reflecting the quality of our work. In addition to working with some of the industry’s hottest directors, Helinet Aviation works with the most experienced film pilots and aerial DP’s in the business and has provided aerial production services for the Transformer series; Batman vs. Superman; Insurgent; Jurassic World, The Hunger Games; Pirates of the Caribbean, as well as hundreds of other features and commercials.


Helinet is a full-service provider for all your production needs with a fleet of helicopters that includes a variety of models, from A-Star helicopters for camera and picture ships, to executive level aircraft such as the Sikorsky S76 and the Leonardo AW-109. We have a nationwide and worldwide network of contacts that can provide helicopters in any location. In addition to aircraft, Helinet can also provide the most advanced aerial camera platforms available, film or digital, Learjet camera platforms, and drones.


CineJet™ is the industry’s first, Aero L-39 Albatros jet featuring a customized gyro-stabilized SHOTOVER F1 RUSH camera system designed for high-speed aerial cinematography. CineJet™ was developed to address the growing demand to shoot high-speed objects for television, feature films, high-performance photography, scientific research, and commercial OEM aircraft marketing. The F1 RUSH used by Helinet on CineJet™, is specifically tailored for the unique capabilities of the jet platform, providing incredible dynamic range and unsurpassed 8K image quality at elevated speeds exceeding 350 knots and during maneuvers approaching 3G’s.


Emulating the look and presence of a special operations MH-60M helicopter, the twin-engine MovieHawk® operated by Helinet is currently the only Sikorsky UH-60A Black Hawk ESSS model of its kind available within the industry. The aircraft is specially outfitted with exclusive features including the capability to carry authentic inert rockets and gun pods, external fuel tanks, and is additionally equipped with a rarity in the civilian world, a feature known as FRIES (Fast-Rope Insertion and Extraction System).  MovieHawk® also features an in-demand and specialized military paint scheme to allow production companies to create the most realistic and mission correct scenarios.


  • The largest fleet of single and twin-engine helicopters in the industry
  • Small Unmanned Aerial Systems (sUAS)
  • The industry’s most skilled and experienced motion picture pilots (SAG, MPPA Membership, FAA Approved Motion Picture Safety Manual)
  • State-of-the-art high-definition gyro-stabilized aerial camera systems
  • Ancillary equipment, including FAA-certified bracketry, monitors, air-to-ground radios, and fuel trucks
  • Support personnel, including air-to-ground services and camera technicians
  • Preproduction painting and mockup
  • FAA permit procurement
  • Budget-sensitive solutions
  • A worldwide network of aerial coordinators, cinematographers, pilots, and all types of rotor and fixed aircraft
Picture Ships
Camera Ships
Crew Transport

Whether your production is at home or abroad, Helinet can fulfill any of your aerial production needs. For more information, please contact our Production Department at 818.902.0229
 or email film@helinet.com.

Kevin LaRosa II, Vice President of Aerial Film Production

Helinet Production Kevin LaRosa II

Known for his work on Iron Man (2005), The Avengers (2012) and Transformers: The Last Knight (2017), Kevin has worked on over 100 different motion picture and commercial productions. He is an ATP rated pilot trained and certified in a multitude of rotorcraft and fixed wing aircraft. He also holds type ratings in several Learjet models as well as the C-130/ L-382 Hercules and the Sikorsky S-70/ UH-60. In addition, Kevin holds an FAA Part 107 UAS rating for flying unmanned aircraft for the film and television industry.

Kevin has been working heavily in the film industry coordinating and directing multitudes of aerial film sequences in the air and on the ground for over 16 years and is a member of SAG and the Motion Picture Pilots Association.

Production Credits

The Artistry of Alan Purwin

As we continue to provide the very best aerial filming services in the industry, we honor where it all began with our founder, Alan Purwin – legendary pilot, visionary entrepreneur, and generous philanthropist. Alan worked on more than 100 films throughout his career. For a glimpse into Alan’s impact, we are proud to share The Artistry of Alan Purwin.